randi carr

Accountant. Mother. Wife. Iowa Native. Hawkeye Fan. Loves a fine wine.


Who am i?

I am Randi Carr, President of FUIRSA, Inc. I grew up in the Midwest and I am a graduate of the University of Iowa.  I come from a family of tax practitioners. I have a strong work ethic and I am here to help the taxpayer, YOU! I began my career in a major corporation working in property tax. I later moved to a family owned tax preparation practice. I have a husband, a daughter, twin boys we call the ‘cherubs” and Louie, the dog. My household is very ACTIVE! In my personal life I spend a great deal of my time giving back to my community in various ways. I enjoy spending time with people and forming relationships. I love to travel, spend time with my family and friends, cook, take artistic expression classes and spend time at the beach. My dream is to prepare taxes in a little hut on the ocean.   I bring to my business an interesting mix of experiences, different from most practitioners.

When I started FUIRSA, Inc., my goal was to help people with the complicated tax code and get the most value for their money. The focus of FUIRSA, Inc. is customer service. I find pleasure in one on one interaction and problem solving. No problem is too big or too small! Please contact me with any questions, I am here to help!

I used FUIRSA, Inc. for years doing my personal taxes. When I opened my own business they were the obvious choice. I continue to use them for ALL of my tax and accounting needs.

Charles P.

I am so impressed with the customer service I have received from FUIRSA Inc. I live on the east coast and I am surprised at the attention to detail that these folks give to my personal and business tax needs.

paul h.

I was scared to death when I got a letter from the IRS. I sent Randi the documents necessary and the problem was solved quickly. I haven’t received another letter from the IRS since.

becky c